An upgrade to commercial LED lighting can provide thousands of dollars in annual energy efficiency savings. We save you costs you think about, plus the costs you don’t. Boost your production rates and reduce errors with an LED retrofit. Our commercial lighting installers are master electricians. They’re better, faster, quieter and more accurate, since all they do is LED lighting upgrades.


LED Retrofitting hospitals and clinics can help reduce errors, improve safety for employees & patients, while potentially saving thousands of dollars on energy costs.


A professional, commercial lighting upgrade for schools can improve reading speed and comprehension. LED Dynamic lighting can stimulate calm or alertness for students as needed.


Significantly reduce energy consumption and increase building safety with an led lighting conversion. LED lighting for energy efficiency drives savings of 50-70% for our government and public clients.


Using energy efficient lighting products and services in an office, retail, service or manufacturing facility can help employees ward of fatigue and eye strain. Providing safe lighting for night shift workers can improve employee performance.

Free On-Site Lighting Audit

Project manager estimating new lighting project

Request a free lighting audit by entering your contact information into the accompanying form and an EPL commercial lighting consultant will reach out to learn more about your performance goals, facility needs and answer any questions.

Our thorough, on-site lighting audits include:

  • Complete facility lighting evaluation with room-by-room counts of existing lighting fixtures, foot-candle readings and other detailed measurements
  • Our proposed LED fixture list w/ specs in “Good-Better-Best” format
  • An Energy Savings Report
  • Available Financial Incentives/Rebates and More!

Interested in an LED Upgrade? Curious about Budget Numbers/Available Options?

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