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Upgraded lighting at Kromrey Middle School in Middleton, WI

Additional Benefits

  • Annual Energy Savings over $24,000
  • Reduced Maintenance & Product Costs by $3,918 per year
  • Reduced kWh use by 177,806 hours annually
  • Simple Payback – 1.94 years
  • ROI – 51%
  • Reduced CO2 emissions ~400,000 lbs. per year
  • Reduced SO2 emissions by ~2,000 lbs. per year
  • Reduced NOx emissions by ~1,000 lbs. per year

Project Challenges

As one of the newest schools in the state, Middleton’s Kromrey Middle School also had one of the highest utility bills. Energy Performance Lighting was able to alleviate electrical billing by reducing the interior lighting load by a whopping 50%.

Project Solutions

EPL upgraded approximately 1,557 linear 32w fluorescent fixtures in the school’s classrooms and replaced them with 12w Phillips LED lamps. All work was completed during non-student and use-of-space hours to ensure the installation process would not interfere with learning. On top of the upgrades netting a 50% reduction in energy costs, they also reduced annual maintenance costs by nearly $4,000. The new lighting design saved Kromrey Middle School over $24,000 per year in utility costs, provided the district with an achievable payback under two years, resulting in an ROI of 50%.

The new lighting system not only provided massive energy savings, it also helped the district lower their environmental footprint. Overall, CO2 emissions were reduced by by 400,000 lbs per year, SO2 emissons were reduced by 2,000 lbs per year, and NOx emissions were reduced by 1,000 lbs per year.

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