Commercial Lighting’s Total Package

When it comes to design-build lighting upgrades, Energy Performance Lighting is unmatched. We work with you on the design, budgeting, funding the upgrade, installing the lighting, commissioning the lighting and following up with an owner’s manual. Very seldom if ever do you get this complete a package from another “lighting” company. Energy Performance Lighting makes upgrading to LED lighting simple and easy.

The Results are Undeniable

As a commercial lighting contractor, EPL has completed lighting upgrades across the Midwest since 2003, consistently proving to be the best in the business. Being a design-build lighting contractor, we see the results of our work and can make adjustments on the fly. We get lighting right for the occupant where others must follow blueprints regardless of how it affects the people under the lights. The people in your facilities will be more comfortable and productive while you see immediate savings on your energy bill.

We Understand Individual Business Needs

Every company wants to reduce their energy bill and carbon footprint. Upgrading to energy efficient LED lighting is a great place to start because up to 40 percent of your energy usage is spent on lighting alone! The trick is finding a commercial lighting company that knows your business needs. Energy Performance Lighting has worked with a variety of different businesses providing LED lighting upgrades in schools, office buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, government facilities and more.

On-Site Lighting Assessment

Request a lighting assessment and an EPL lighting professional will reach out to learn more about your lighting needs and answer your questions.

Our thorough, on-site lighting assessments include:

  • Complete facility lighting evaluation with room-by-room counts of existing lighting fixtures, light level readings and other detailed measurements
  • A lighting upgrade proposal based on the lighting needs for the work performed 
  • An Energy Savings Report
  • Available Financial Incentives/Rebates
  • Public and Private Financing Available

Interested in an LED Upgrade? Curious about Budget Numbers/Available Options?

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