LED Upgrades for Healthcare

Lighting plays a key role in every healthcare facility. Hospitals and clinics are constantly searching for ways to improve the experience of both patients and staff while keeping operating costs as low as possible. Healthcare facilities can uniquely benefit from energy efficient lighting through reduced costs from saving energy, improving staff, patient and visitor safety and comfort, and being recognized as a sustainable, eco-friendly organization.

Reduce Costs

Reduce energy costs by 50% with LED lighting and up to 80% with paired lighting controls

Comply with energy legislation and fulfill organizational sustainability goals

Reinvest cost savings in improvements that further improve your facility

Elevate Comfort

Relieve feelings of anxiousness in waiting, examination and patient rooms

Attract and retain top talent by alleviating stress, fatigue and other health risks

Prevent migraines, drowsiness and fatigue caused by glare and flicker

Enhance Experience

Accelerate patient recovery time and improve mood by simulating natural daylight

Increase alertness, concentration and the well-being of facility staff

Wireless lighting controls provide patients with a sense of composure

Organizations That Benefit From Energy Efficient Lighting

Hospitals & Clinics

Lighting represents more than 40% of all electrical energy consumption in healthcare facilities according to the Department of Energy. EPL has upgraded the lighting in more than four-million-square-feet of health care spaces, driving energy savings up to 75%, improving the experience of patients, visitors and staff, and freeing up millions of dollars that can be further used to improve the care environment.

Medical errors are the third leading cause of mortality. We’re sponsoring an IRB-approved, peer-reviewed study on light and human alertness, using lighting technology to reduce medical errors. We know that the benefits of the right light can go beyond helping you see to improving health and reducing risk. Our expertise in leading-edge technology helps healthcare clients thrive. Proper lighting in designated locations helps nightshift staffs stay alert while allowing patients to properly rest.

Skilled Nursing and Senior Living Facilities

In 2017, the WI Department of Health Services documented 2,664 falls—many with injuries—among skilled nursing and assisted living facilities in Wisconsin (an 11 percent increase over 2016). These falls directly lead to civil monetary penalties, increased liability costs, and lower Star ratings. In 2018, the Midwest Lighting Institute—supported by researchers from Harvard Medical School—documented a lighting protocol which reduced falls by 32%. The LED lighting utilized also reduced energy consumption by 63%.

Skilled nursing and other senior living facilities can improve their top line by improving their Star Rating while strengthening their bottom line by reducing liability and energy costs. All of this can be accomplished with no money out-of-pocket and guaranteed energy savings pays for the entire lighting system.


Dentists rely on the right light spectrum for detailed, delicate work. Replacing outdated lighting not only drives energy savings but also improves the ability to color match and make your patients’ smiles even bigger. We have options for tunable lighting upgrades that mimic daylight, and provide accurate color measurements, so there is no question about whether or not you got it right or wrong. You and your patients will see the difference!

Free On-Site Lighting Audit

Project manager estimating new lighting project

Request a free lighting audit by entering your contact information into the accompanying form and an EPL commercial lighting consultant will reach out to learn more about your performance goals, facility needs and answer any questions.

Our thorough, on-site lighting audits include:

  • Complete facility lighting evaluation with room-by-room counts of existing lighting fixtures, foot-candle readings and other detailed measurements
  • Our proposed LED fixture list w/ specs in “Good-Better-Best” format
  • An Energy Savings Report
  • Available Financial Incentives/Rebates and More!

Interested in an LED Upgrade? Curious about Budget Numbers/Available Options?

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