Lighting upgrades for healthcare organizations who want to save energy and help people thrive.

The right lighting drives up to 75% energy savings and helps staff and patients thrive.

Increase staff alertness to reduce medical errors
Reduce risk of falls for seniors
Use blue light’s “alerting effect” to ward off fatigue and improve human productivity
Tunable technology makes multi-use spaces work for every task
LIFI reduces security risks while increasing bandwidth vs traditional WIFI
Increase health and comfort for occupants

We know the right light reduces energy use. 
Now we’re shedding light on reducing risk.

Hopitals & Healthcare Clinics

Lighting represents more than 40% of all electrical energy consumption in healthcare facilities according to the Department of Energy. EPL has upgraded lighting in more than four million square feet of health care spaces, driving energy savings of as much as 75% and freeing up millions of dollars for patient care.

Medical errors are the third leading cause of mortality. We’re sponsoring an IRB-approved, peer-reviewed study on light and human alertness, using lighting technology to reduce medical errors. We know that the benefits of the right light can go beyond helping you see to improving health and reducing risk.

Our expertise in leading-edge technology helps healthcare clients thrive. Proper lighting in designated locations helps nightshift staffs stay alert while allowing patients to properly rest.

LIFI for faster, more secure digital communication over traditional WIFI.

Senior Care

Falls are a huge risk for seniors. They cost care facilities more than $30 billion annually ($35,000/incident), not to mention damaging their reputation for quality care. One key contributor to the risk of falls is due to natural light’s effect on the body’s sleep/wake cycles combined with the fact that seniors in care facilities rarely get outside. This adversely affects these cycles and increases the risk of falls. We’ve documented up to a 32% reduction in falls through the use of tunable lighting and controlling light spectrums. We’ve partnered with Midwest Lighting Institute, UW School of Medicine & Public Health and Harvard Medical School to conduct peer-reviewed studies on the effect of light on patients, residents and staff. Our goal is to utilize light for health, safety and productivity while reducing energy consumption. We are so much more than a light bulb company.


Dentists rely on the right light spectrum for detailed, delicate work. Replacing outdated lighting not only drives energy savings, but also improves the ability to color match and make your patient’s smiles even bigger! We have options for light to match daylight, or tunable lighting where you can replicate day or evening lighting, so there is no question about whether or not you got it right or wrong. You and your patients will see the difference!

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