Our Lighting Upgrade Process Delivers Performance

EPL Process

The EPL lighting upgrade process makes a difference every step of the way.


Occupant-centric Assessment

No one delivers a more thorough assessment focused on your occupants to achieve Total Performance Outcomes™ in the form of unparalleled energy savings, improved health and human performance and reduced material & maintenance costs.


Brand-neutral Design Options

Get THE BEST, not just the best in someone’s inventory. We’re brand neutral and committed to being on the leading edge of the latest advancements across the industry. Get access to the full spectrum in Good-Better-Best options. Designer-Electrician collaboration ensures proposed solutions will perform as promised.


Collaborative Design Selection

We don’t sell. We educate you and your team on recommendations, options and tradeoffs. Our veteran experts share the WHYs behind the WHATs. And we get users and occupants involved up front, to drive effective, informed decisions. Once a design is selected, our Verification Walk-through eliminates risk of surprises or confusion.


Performance Promise

Our Proposal for Performance™ gives you the most complete picture of what you’ll spend AND SAVE in reduced energy consumption, maintenance and product savings. Say goodbye to incentive/rebate complexities. We make sure you get every dollar coming to you. Our Guaranteed Performance Contract™ locks us into delivering results, or we pay you back. And warranties are only as good as the companies which promise them!


Expert Execution

We save you costs you think about, plus the costs you don’t, like occupant frustration, project delays, and productivity impacts. In-house Electricians and Master Electricians (not sub-contractors) handle installation. They’re better, faster, quieter and more accurate, since all they do is lighting. Strict protocols streamline operations and daily clean-up. Our Zero-Change-Order Guarantee™ ensures the only change in project scope or cost will be one YOU ask for.


Flawless To The Finish

Our staff provides your team with an Operations and Maintenance Manual which includes product specifications sheets, As-Built documentation, maintenance, warranty and contact information. EPL-led Training ensures you understand and can take full advantage of your lighting’s improved performance potential. Post-project measurements demonstrate anticipated outcomes to stakeholders. And we are here if you ever need us. Our goal is to exceed your expectations!

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