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Maximize energy efficiency & reduce lighting maintenance costs

With decreasing budgets and increasing mandates to reduce energy and operating expenses, government organizations are proactively upgrading their lighting as a means to meet these directives. We know the right light improves energy savings. Now we’re shedding light on improved control and safety.

Most facilities have a lighting power density (LPD) of over 1.0 watt/sq foot. At EPL we typically achieve an LPD of .30 watts/sq ft, beating LEED standards by 50% or more. If quality lighting products are specified, you can also virtually eliminate lighting maintenance from your budget. We do this while getting lighting right for the occupant. After all, buildings are built for people not energy.

  • Significantly reduce energy consumption and maintenance
  • Improve visual comfort and alertness
  • Design-build at competitive pricing by lighting experts

Government Organizations

Regardless of the type of facility you have, we probably have direct experience with it. We have upgraded village halls, municipal garages, wastewater treatment plants, museums, senior centers, prisons, police departments, sports arenas, military installations and the list goes on.

Correctional Institutions

The durability, longevity, controllability and decreased maintenance of upgraded LED lighting is of particular interest to correctional institutions. For these institutions, there is significant motivation to cut cost and complexity, while still providing increased control and security. In addition to creating operational savings and more secure environments, the positive impacts of upgraded lighting on human behavior holds promise for facilities striving to create safer spaces.

Past Energy Lighting Performance Projects:

Village of Blue Mounds, WI
City of Monona, WI
Bradley Center
City of Eagan, MN
County of Winona, MN
City of Stoughton
Department of Corrections –Wisconsin
Department of Transportation – Wisconsin
City of Evansville, WI
Wisconsin National Guard
City of Madison, WI

EPL can deliver high quality and win a low bid

Lighting is all we do and our design and installation experts are just more efficient than a contractor that does it as an add-on to their electrical service. Today, light is produced by a computer chip (LED) and you have to know how light is emitted to provide optimum comfort and visual acuity for the user. We can tell you all about the science of light, spectrum and human physiological response. At EPL we like to say “electricians know electrons, we know photons.” No offense to all the electricians out there, but lighting has changed from the simple choice of an incandescent to knowing spectrum and intensity based on the task performed under the lights.

On-Site Lighting Assessment

Request a lighting assessment and an EPL lighting professional will reach out to learn more about your lighting needs and answer your questions.

Our thorough, on-site lighting assessments include:

  • Complete facility lighting evaluation with room-by-room counts of existing lighting fixtures, light level readings and other detailed measurements
  • A lighting upgrade proposal based on the lighting needs for the work performed 
  • An Energy Savings Report
  • Available Financial Incentives/Rebates
  • PACE funding or leasing available

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