Oakhill Correctional Institute

Fitchburg, WI


Interior Energy Reduction


Exterior Energy Reduction
Oak Hill Prison

Annual Savings

  • Kwh Savings 600,000 hrs.
  • Energy Savings of $58,000

Project Details

Energy Performance Lighting was selected by ESG to provide lighting upgrades for this project. ESG knew EPL was a sound choice as the right partner, since the project consisted of several separate buildings, interior and exterior upgrades, and would involve the security complexities common among correctional institution projects. EPL employees passed background checks and underwent lengthy check-in and check-out procedures each day as they arrived and left the job site. This is familiar territory for us, since we’ve worked with a number of correctional institutions.

The facility had a wide range of fixtures, including various T8 fixtures with 2, 3, or 4 lamps, as well as a range of incandescent, CFL, and HPS lamps. EPL adhered to security requirements unique to correctional institutions.

Fortunately EPL has the experience of working in a secure environment and was able to complete the project upgrade on time and on budget while meeting the required payback terms.

Project Solutions

We streamlined interior lighting by upgrading the facility to low-watt T8 lamps. We also helped the client streamline inventory, maintenance and replacement costs by achieving the right light levels while reducing the number of lamps per fixture and changing incandescents and CFLs to consistent LED lamps.

For the facility’s exterior perimeter fence, we replaced high-pressure sodium fixtures with LED fixtures on 35-foot poles. We also replaced wallpacks with LED fixtures. We were able to deliver sufficient light while reducing overall number of fixtures.

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