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We get lighting right for the user and unbeatable energy savings falls into place

Our purpose is to design lighting upgrade solutions that help people thrive. It’s not about counting light bulbs and swapping out old for new led light bulbs or fixtures. We get out of bed every morning to find new and better ways of using lighting science to illuminate the built environment to improve human performance while maximizing energy cost reduction. Saving money on energy is actually a side benefit to improving human productivity and performance.

Why Choose EPL

Anybody can change a light bulb, but getting lighting right for human performance is a different story. Just think of the last time you worked on a computer and how tired your eyes got because of glare on the screen. We alleviate these problems before they are a problem. This is just one of the aspects of lighting we address to improve human performance. You can always buy cheap product but is it really worth it? People are an ongoing expense and they add up!

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Our Process

We focus on doing one thing and being the best at it. Within the realm of lighting upgrades, no one delivers more comprehensive lighting installation from start to finish. We don’t sell. We educate you on the technology, the science, the pros and cons of different options. When a decision is made, it is made based on informed knowledge, not what you were sold! Then our in-house electricians (not subcontractors) perform the installation to our strict standards with daily clean-up.

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Performance Promise™

Our Performance Promise: Energy Savings are Guaranteed or We Pay You Back.

We earned our reputation as the Midwest’s premier lighting solutions provider based on knowledge, results, and keeping promises. It is pretty simple.

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Meet Our Team

Anthony DeMarte
Anthony DeMarteChief Operating Officer
Since 2011, Anthony has led EPL’s internal operations, project design and development as the company’s COO.
Philip Spurley
Philip SpurleyProject Manager
For more than 11 years, Phil has served as a designer and project manager for EPL clients.
David Odell
David OdellMaster Electrician
Dave has been a Master Electrician for EPL for more than 6 years.

Meet the whole Energy Performance Lighting team and learn more about how we deliver the best lighting upgrade solutions.