Most lighting contractors have large operations across many disciplines, one of which happens to be lighting. Our expert team is focused exclusively on lighting. We don’t manufacture or represent brands, so we are product neutral. We will design and install quality lighting systems from manufacturers that stand behind their product.

From assessment, to lighting systems designed to fit specific product and budgetary requirements, to ensuring you get the most out of incentives and rebates, Energy Performance Lighting coordinates every phase of your project. The end result is a new lighting system that is installed on time and on budget. When Energy Performance Lighting manages your lighting upgrade, reaping the rewards is as simple as “flipping a switch.”

Industry-Leading Research

No one else has a more robust resume of research projects with lighting science partners. Ours includes Harvard Medical School and University of Wisconsin School of Medicine & Public Health. Researchers look to us to apply their lab bound research into the real world. Our clients reap the rewards of unbeatable energy savings while improving health and human performance.


Our designers tap into the latest proven technologies across the industry to develop two to three options to meet your needs and your budget. You get the best option for your budget. To keep your budget intact, there are no change orders unless you ask or approve them.

Lighting Assessment

A representative from Energy Performance Lighting will complete a thorough on-site evaluation of your facility’s lighting, which includes: room-by-room counts of all existing light fixtures with specs, foot-candle readings, color temperature analysis, and detailed measurements. A lighting assessment allows us to gather all the information we need to achieve maximum energy savings, and improved human performance, while meeting Illuminating Engineering Society lighting standards for your industry.

Proposal and Design

Following your lighting evaluation, we will provide you with our straightforward “Proposal for Performance,” giving you a complete picture of the project’s scope of work, what you’ll spend, and your estimated energy and maintenance savings.

When designing your new lighting system, we get users and occupants involved up-front to drive effective, informed decisions. Once a design is selected, our Verification Walk-through eliminates risk of surprises or confusion.

In-House Installation

Energy Performance Lighting has provided lighting solutions to more than 500 businesses across the Midwest using our own in-house Electricians and Master Electricians—not subcontractors—to handle installation. Our team is better, faster, quieter, more accurate and more efficient because all they do is lighting.

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Save Money and Boost Energy Performance

Boost production, reduce error rates, improve safety, employee satisfaction and attendance, all while getting maximum energy and maintenance savings. We bring advanced lighting science out of the lab and into real-world projects for our clients.

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