Tween Care Center

Spring Grove, MN


30% Reduction in Resident Falls


40% Reduction in Sundowners


Energy Reduction;
the upgrade pays for itself


  • Reduced energy consumption by $14,000 annually
  • Energy Savings paid for the upgrade in 6.5 years
  • Maintenance savings of over $2,000 annually
  • Received over $5,000 in energy incentives
  • 40% reduction in sundowners
  • 30% reduction in falls
  • 10% reduction in anti-anxiety and anti-psychotic meds
  • Residents are much more active and less moody


 “Electrical costs are lower. Staff appreciate that the light adjusts in the evening and gives you a feeling of day ending and time for bed. Lighting is 110% improved from what we had before.”

– Administrator Michelle Borreson

The Project

Tweeten was scheduled to have cosmetic improvements completed. The administrator, Michelle Borreson, had read about how lighting may affect the residents and wanted to try it since there was an upgrade already budgeted. She was referred to EPL by the facility director at Gundersen Health Systems, where we already completed extensive work.

EPL worked up a design utilizing new fixtures and existing fixtures to help keep the costs of the project within an acceptable budget. EPL then installed the lighting and controls to change the color and intensity of the light based on the time of day.

After 1000 patient days, Michelle gave us the results mentioned above. The project was completed in 2017 and Tweeten has had $0 in lighting maintenance costs since. The controls have worked as designed and we have been able to maintain them from 150 miles away.

Patent 11,109,467

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EPL keeps up to date with the latest research on light and health. We know how to light a nursing home to reduce falls sundowners, and psychotropic med needs while lowering medical errors and energy costs. EPL has the expertise on light and human health, call or send an email to learn how lighting can improve your outcomes.

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