Gunderson Health Systems

La Crosse, WI


Interior Energy Reduction


Exterior Energy Reduction


Maintenance Reduction

Interior Results:

  • Reduced kWh use by more than 2,900,000 hours annually
  • Energy savings of $275,000 annually
  • Energy Reduction of 57%

Exterior Results:

  • Reduced kWh use by nearly 200,000 hours annually
  • Energy savings of $19,000 annually
  • Energy Reduction of 67.1%

Project Description

Gundersen Health Systems is the first Net Zero Health System in the country. They did most of the work themselves, but EPL reduced their overall energy consumption by over 25% to help achieve this goal. Not only did we reduce their energy consumption but their lighting maintenance was reduced by nearly 97%. The key to that number is using lights that last from reputable manufacturers.

EPL has been the lighting company of choice for Gundersen for the past 13 years. We knew what was in all the light fixtures because we did the upgrade from T12 to T8 lamps and ballasts. Since we were drawing 57% less energy, we knew the ballast would have lots of life yet, so we recommended a simple lamp swap out. By keeping the ballast in place, this eliminated any flicker that is common with direct wire lamps. Even though it was a complex project, this simplified it and kept the payback less than 5 years.

When working in a health care environment, you always have to keep the area clean, work quietly, and be flexible depending on the rooms that are available. This is common practice for EPL and this is why whenever Gundersen has a lighting project, they call the company they can trust and get a fair price every time.

Patent 11,109,467

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EPL keeps up to date with the latest research on light and health. We know what light keeps staff more alert to lower medical errors, improve visual diagnosis, and provide a more inviting, cheerful environment while dramatically lowering your energy costs. EPL has the expertise on light and human health, call or send an email to learn how lighting can improve your outcomes.

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