Energy savings

Over $11K

Annual Savings

7 years

Simple Payback
sign outside dean dental health associates
lighting armshallway showing upgraded lights

“Our new lighting really looks tremendous, and we’re getting great feedback.”

– Michael Haas, Facilities Manager, Dental Health Associates

Additional Savings

  • Reduced energy use by 86,368 kWh annually
  • Annual Maintenance & Product Savings: $2,301.13
  • Monthly Savings: $777.31
  • Total Annual Savings: $11,628.83
  • 14% return on investment
  • CO2 emissions reduced by 191,391 lbs. annually
  • SO2 emissions reduced by 1,054 lbs. annually
  • NOx emissions reduced by 492 lbs. annually

Project Challenges

In a dental clinic, where pristine lighting is essential for intricate procedures, nothing but the best will do. Dental Health Associates wanted to improve the lighting of their facilities while increasing energy savings. They had numerous 2×2 lighting fixtures fitted with high-energy biax lamps, as well as 2×4 light fixtures with two-to-three T8 lamps, and muliple 2×4 fixtures with three high-output T5 lamps. EPL would need to meet (or beat) the existing brightness of the clinic’s lighting, while delivering promised savings on energy costs.

Project Solutions

EPL aimed to deliver the needed brightness so that dentists could perform delicate patient procedures, including: color-matching and detailed cosmetic dental work. Our solution involved LED retrofit kits in 2×2 and 2×4 fixtures wherever possible. This helped Dental Health Associates accomplish their energy saving goals without completely replacing their light fixtures. Where we were unable to use retrofit kits, we installed new, matching LED fixtures. This achieved the client’s goal of having one overall aesthetic that modernized and improved the look of the clinic. Where aesthetics were of special concern, we used LED T8 and LED T5 tubes, while being energy efficient. We also replaced all incandescent screw-in lamps with LED screw-in lamps to achieve additional savings.

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