Energy Reduction


Annual Savings

4.3 Years

Simple Payback

Project Overview

EPL developed three different upgrade options—LED lamps-only, LED lamps and ballasts, and retro-door-kits—for the interior lighting at UnityPoint-Meriter’s Madison Beltline Highway office location. The LED lamps-only option offered the lowest cost and shortest payback period, but came with the added complications of ballast compatibility and continued ballast maintenance. The LED lamps and ballast option was the “middle-of-the-road” option in-terms of cost, but still provided a low payback period, and offered no lighting maintenance for at least five years. However, the lamps and ballast option did not improve the aesthetics of the lighting, did not provide any dimming capabilities, and weren’t scalable with future technologies. The final option—retro-door-kits—had the highest price point, but enhanced the aesthetics of the facility, were fully-dimmable, and also compatible with future lighting technologies.

Meriter chose the LED lamp and ballast option to take advantage of the low cost, short payback period and the newly-improved illumination across their facility.

Project Scope of Work

All 1×4, 2×2, and 2×4 fixtures were upgraded with new high-quality, name brand LED lamps and ballasts from Sylvania. A lamp-for-lamp style upgrade was put in place due to the high ceilings and current fixture spacings. Recessed can fixtures were upgraded with new recessed can retrofit-kits; this upgrade also provided the fixtures with an improved aesthetic. Any lighting that had been converted to LED prior to the EPL upgrade remained as-is.

To best match the color of a blue sky (6-8000K), and receive all the positive benefits of daylighting, such as increased focus and alertness, EPL recommended and installed lighting with a 5000K color temperature.

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