Aspirus Medical Education Center

Wausau, WI


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The Project

Energy Performance Lighting developed a project to upgrade the interior and exterior lighting and light fixtures at the Aspirus Medical Education Center (AMEC) in Wausau, WI. A portion of the building had previously been updated. EPL took that into account and was able to quote Aspirus a very competitive price.

EPL was awarded the contract and completed the interior and exterior lighting on time and on budget. The facilities director did not even realize we had completed the project because of the way our lighting technicians work, quietly and cleaning as they go. He did not even have any complaints from staff, which if you have any type of construction project, you will probably get complaints.

EPL has built trust with Aspirus and now are the “go to” lighting design and installation company as we work throughout their system of clinics and hospitals. We still have to be competitive on price, but they know with EPL, there will be no headaches and all the products and workmanship are guaranteed.

Interior Project

The interior lighting upgrades consisted of upgrades with 4′ and 2′ linear lamps, as well as recessed cans with new LED bulbs, and no new ballasts for either linear or recessed can fixtures.

The 4′ and 2′ linear fixtures were upgraded with new, comparable 4′ and 2′ GE LED luminaries and no new ballasts. There were 24 linear fixtures with emergency ballasts that controlled a single lamp in each fixture, but the emergency ballasts were not compatible with the new LED lamps. The electromagnetic ballasts and lamps were not factored into the cost of the upgrade project, however EPL offered an “a la carte” option to replace the ballast and the individual lamp in each fixture. The recessed cans contained pin-base CFL bulbs that were upgraded with pin-base GE LED bulbs.

Exterior Project

The exterior lighting improvement project consisted of upgrading exterior soffit lights and pole light fixtures. The exterior of the facility was assessed to ensure there were no exterior building fixtures or wall packs to upgrade. The recessed soffit lighting was upgrade with LED retrofit components. The exterior pole light fixtures were upgraded with new LED fixtures of comparable size. EPL conducted photometrics post-upgrade to ensure light levels adhered to IES recommended practice.

Patent 11,109,467

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