Energy savings


Energy savings

1.4 million

lbs. reduction in CO2 emissions

Additional Savings

  • Reduced kWh use by 628,938 hours annually
  • Simple Payback – 10.98 years
  • ROI – 9%
  • Reduced SO2 emissions by 7,673 lbs./year
  • Reduced NOx emissions by 3585 lbs./year

Project Challenges

Greendale is a large school district with five different schools they wanted to upgrade. Because they were pleased with the performance of exterior lighting upgrades EPL had completed previously, the district returned to EPL when it was time to upgrade interior lighting. The district aimed to greatly improve efficiency versus current lighting which consisted of T8 fluorescents with various LED and CFL screw-in lamps.

Project Solutions

EPL listened carefully to budgetary and performance needs. Where possible, we left some existing LED fixtures in place since they’d already been upgraded. But we retrofitted fluorescent fixtures with LED kits to give fixtures an all-new look at a lower cost than replacing them. To deliver performance while bearing budget in mind, EPL installed new, energy-efficient fixtures only where kits could not be used. We balanced aesthetics, performance and budget by using less expensive LED tubes in existing fixtures where aesthetics weren’t paramount, (closets, backrooms, specialty fixtures), reserving new LED kits and fixtures for prominent, high-traffic areas for a consistent, cohesive overall appearance.