60% – 75%

Reduction in Energy usage per building.


reduction in the types of lamps/ballasts used


Adjusted illumination to computer based work.

Project Challenges

UW Madison is a large campus with a variety of buildings, uses, and age. The parking was limited, and work had to be completed at different times due to occupancy. Often, the fixtures had not been cleaned in quite some time.

Project Solutions

EPL brought the team together to come up with a plan to upgrade the lighting in multiple buildings. They included libraries, athletic operations, human research centers, educational buildings, a museum, and a communication building with a TV and radio studio and a full-size theater. Light levels, spectrum, and beam spread were all critical in the lighting design.  The work also included control upgrades, fixing flicker issues, and disabling fixtures no longer needed. We completed the work while school was in session with minimal disruption to the activities in the buildings. We used special equipment to remove dust and dirt out of the fixtures and cleaned up every day. The staff did not even know we were there.

We completed the work on time and on budget.