Energy Savings


Savings Per Month


Annual Energy Savings

Additional Benefits

  • Maintenance and associated costs reduced by $11.610.37 per year
  • Reduced kWh use by 390,841 hours annually
  • Simple Payback – 6.01 years
  • ROI – 18%
  • Reduced CO2 emissions by 866,105 lbs. per year
  • Reduced SO2 emissions by 4,767 lbs. per year
  • Reduced NOx emissions by 2,227 lbs. per year

Project Challenges

Madison-based commercial lighting company, Energy Performance LIghting, was called on to provide interior and exterior performance lighting for three schools within the Omro School District – H.B. Patch Elementary, Omro Elementary School, and Omro High School. With a projected budget already in place, certified lighting specialists at EPL proposed three cost-effective projects that would essentially “pay for themselves” though savings, and provide a long-term solution for the future of the district’s lighting.

Project Solutions

In order to stay within the district’s projected budget for performance lighting, EPL provided project scopes to the district with mulitple pricing options ranging from high-to-low cost. At the request of the district, Energy Performance Lighting also developed a project for removing all surface mount wraparound fixtures in Omro High School, and replacing them with recessed LED light fixtures, and also developed a “Per Occupancy Sensor” price structure to allow the school to update occupancy sensors on an “as-needed” basis. When installing the new occupancy sensors, the company used a higher-quality Leviton sensor; eliminating the need for “arm-waving” to turn the lights on, and removing the “on-off-on” flicker sequence when entering a room.