Focus On Energy Grant Earned

4.8 years

Simple Payback


energy reduction
New retrofit lighting at Bradley Center in Milwaukee

Additional Savings

  • Reduced KwH usage by 345,746 hrs./year
  • Energy savings of $27,532 annually
  • Simple Payback – 4.82 years
  • 21% Return on Investment
  • CO2 emissions reduced by 766,174 lbs. annually
  • SO2 emissions reduced by 4,218 lbs. annually
  • NOx emissions reduced by 1,971 lbs. annually
  • Reduced the types of lamps & ballasts used by 50%
  • Reduced maintenance costs by 75%

Project Challenges

The BMO Harris Bradley Center (formerly the Bradley Center) first opened in 1988, funded by Jane Bradley Pettit in memory of her father, Harry Lynde Bradley. It is the only major venue of its kind in North America in which a single family was responsible for underwriting the construction. Almost 25 years later, the building was in need of upgrades to its original lighting. However, budgets were tight, available blueprints were inaccurate, and only projects that could deliver great returns would be approved. The challenge was to find a better solution than the old, T12 style fluorescents on the service level, main level, corridors and landings, as well as suite-level and upper-level offices and other spaces. EPL would need to be creative and shrewd in order to deliver significant savings and stay within budget for this large-scale commercial project.

Project Solutions

The expert designers at Energy Performance Lighting (EPL) were able to create a lighting plan to retrofit all spaces, including those that were not on the blueprints. Fixtures were fitted with high-output, long-life lamps and energy-efficient ballasts. The use of higher-quality products and consistency in design cut the variations in lamps and ballasts in half, and dramatically reduced inventory and maintenance costs. EPL met the challenge, successfully completing the project on budget and delivering significant return on investment.

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