lbs in kWh savings


Annual Energy Savings


Energy Reduction

Additional Benefits

  • Annual Maintenance & Product Savings: $7,174
  • Monthly Savings: $2,665
  • ROI – 4.9%

Project Challenges

After assessing the district’s buildings and determining that the current lighting system featured inefficient and/or outdated light fixtures, lamps, and ballasts, EPL proposed an energy-efficient lighting project that would reduce energy consumption, lower maintenance and products costs, and stay consistent with measures already taken by the district. The facility interiors used T8 linear fluorescents, compact fluorescents, and incandescent and/or HID technologies. Although HID fixtures and lamps are most-commonly used on building exteriors, the district had already begun a conversion to LED fixtures.

Project Solutions

Energy Performance Lighting upgraded the interior and exterior of the facilities with quality LED fixtures and/or LED retrofits. For added lighting control in each classroom, EPL installed a dual-zone dimming/occupancy sensor system comprised of power packs (HVAC compatible), occupancy sensors, and dimmer switches. For additional energy savings, EPL installed occupancy sensors and power packs in facility gymnasiums (3), corridors/hallways (44), and restrooms (25). The exteriors were upgraded with pole lighting fixtures with state-of-the-art LED fixtures. Wall pack fixtures were upgraded with new LED comparable (RAB) wall packs, and canopy fixtures were changed with new LED energy-efficient fixtures, or had transformers added to retrofit the existing with new LED A-Lamps. After conducting numerous photometric tests and redesigning the lighting systems for the facility interiors, EPL had eliminated approximately 818 light fixtures.

If you’re curious about the benefits a lighting upgrade or lighting retrofits will bring to your school district, or if you’re wondering where to start on a lighting upgrade, check out our article on “7 Ways a Lighting Upgrade Will Benefit Your School”. The experts at Energy Performance Lighting are more-than-happy to explain the benefits of our lighting systems and answer any questions you may have. Feel free to give us a call at (608) 661-5555, send us a message, or you can schedule a lighting service by clicking here and an EPL team member will reach out to you within 24 hours.