Energy savings

3.4 years

Simple Payback

$10,000 +

Annual energy savings

Additional Savings

  • Reduced kWh usage by nearly 100K hrs. annually
  • Delivered 29% ROI
  • Reduced CO2 emissions by more than 200K lbs. annually
  • Reduced SO2 emissions by 1,152 lbs. annually
  • Reduced NOx emissions by 538 annually

Project Challenges

Due to our client’s business and budget needs, the project would need to be completed in phases, which requires resourcefulness and creativity. Middleton Glen aimed to improve upon its existing lighting which was T8 fluorescents and incandescent lamps throughout the facility’s interior. The facility’s exterior consisted of metal hide and incandescent fixtures for canopy lighting, wallpacks, and flood lights.

Project Solutions

In order to deliver significant return and remain mindful of budget and business needs, EPL completed this project in two phases. We updated T8 lamps with 12-watt LED tubes. We updated incadecent lamps with LED lamps. For the exterior, we replaced exterior incandescent lamps with LED lamps. And we replaced metal halide wall packs with new, LED wallpacks.

Our solution included finding suitable replacements for some specialty lamps that are harder to find. Because EPL has solid relationships with vendors throughout the industry – not just a few brands – we were able to rise to the challenge. We researched and found the best option available with a top brand name that has a warranty to stand behind the specialty products it offers.