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Energy Performance Lighting (EPL) is a commercial lighting contractor, located in Madison, WI, that specializes in high-performance, energy-efficient lighting solutions since 2003. We provide turnkey lighting upgrades, and LED retrofits, proven to boost bottom line performance by reducing errors, improving workspace quality, and maximizing energy savings.

Whether you’re a property management company, retail, service, industrial or manufacturing organization, upgraded lighting typically gives you a 50-75% energy savings along with a safer, healthier, more productive work environment for your occupants.

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    Installation On Time and On Budget

    From assessment, to lighting systems designed to fit specific facility and budgetary requirements, to ensuring you get the most out of incentives and rebates, Energy Performance Lighting coordinates every phase of your project. The end result is a new lighting system that is installed on time and on budget. With Energy Performance Lighting managing your lighting upgrade, reaping the rewards is as simple as “flipping a switch.”

    Why EPL?

    • Research – Our light science partners from Harvard Medical School and University of Wisconsin collaborate with us to bring cutting-edge technologies to real-world projects.

    • Free Lighting Audit – Thorough on-site, room-to-room assessment of your current lighting system allows you to understand the cost of using legacy lighting technology and the potential savings that await by converting to LED beyond simple energy savings, such as rebate opportunities, tax benefits, and environmental impact. Schedule a free audit.

    • Proposal for Performance – Following your lighting evaluation, we will provide you with our straightforward “Proposal for Performance,” giving you a complete picture of the project’s scope of work, what you’ll spend, and your estimated energy and maintenance savings.

    • Team Installation / No Subcontractors – Energy Performance Lighting has provided lighting solutions to more than 500 businesses with our in-house Electricians and Master Electricians—not subcontractors—to handle installation. Our team is better, faster, quieter, more accurate and more efficient because all they know is lighting.

    Get THE BEST, not just the best in someone’s inventory.

    We’re brand neutral and committed to being on the leading edge of the latest advancements across the industry. Get access to the full spectrum in Good-Better-Best options. Designer-Electrician collaboration ensures proposed solutions will perform as promised. Learn more about our process.

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    Save Money and Boost Energy Performance

    Boost production, reduce error rates, improve safety, employee satisfaction and attendance, all while getting maximum energy and maintenance savings. We bring advanced lighting science out of the lab and into real-world projects for our clients.

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    Lighting Installations

    New retrofit lighting at Bradley Center in Milwaukee

    Bradley Center Lighting Retrofit
    Energy savings of $27,532 annually

    Upgraded lighting at Kromrey Middle School in Middleton, WI

    Kromrey Middle School – Middleton, WI
    Annual Energy Savings over $24,000

    New lighting for Oshkosh Correctional Institute

    Oshkosh Correctional Institution
    Energy Savings of $71,631

    The Results are Undeniable

    EPL has completed lighting upgrades across the Midwest for more than 16 years, consistently proving to be the best in the business. Our knowledge of lighting design, coupled with the application of state-of-the-art LED technology, can help reduce your energy consumption by as much as 70 percent. Your employees will be more productive, your customers will shop in comfort, and you will start to see immediate savings on your energy bill.

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    On-Site Lighting Assessment

    Request a lighting assessment and an EPL lighting professional will reach out to learn more about your lighting needs and answer your questions.

    Our thorough, on-site lighting assessments include:

    • Complete facility lighting evaluation with room-by-room counts of existing lighting fixtures, light level readings and other detailed measurements
    • A lighting upgrade proposal based on the lighting needs for the work performed 
    • An Energy Savings Report
    • Available Financial Incentives/Rebates
    • Public and Private Financing Available

    Interested in an LED Upgrade? Curious about Budget Numbers/Available Options?

    Contact Sales at:
    (608) 661-5555

    Or, send us a message using this form:

      Ward off fatigue and eye strain during the workday
      Decrease time and money spent maintaining outdated lighting systems
      Use blue light’s alerting effect to help second- and third-shift employees perform better
      Tunable technology makes multi-use spaces work for every task
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      Flip The Switch!

      Start on the road to energy efficiency with lighting solutions by Energy Performance Lighting!

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