Oshkosh Correctional Institution

Oshkosh, WI


Interior energy savings


Exterior energy savings
New lighting for Oshkosh Correctional Institute

Additional Savings


  • kWh reduced more than 1.1 million hrs./year
  • Energy Savings of $72,000 annually


  • kWh Savings 75,000 hrs. annually
  • Energy Savings of $5,000

Project Challenges

Energy Performance Lighting was selected by Trane to provide lighting upgrades for Oshkosh Correctional, the largest men’s prison in Wisconsin. This included interior and exterior lighting. Completing work in a correctional facility has its own set of challenges. There is security; checking in and out every day and knowing that you have all your tools with you on the way out. Removing fixtures with the tamper proof screws and having the right tools for each one. Then there is the seg unit with its extra layer of security and secure fixtures. Each lens can have 20 screws and made of stainless steel where it takes 2 lighting techs to remove the lens.

Fortunately, EPL has the experience of working in a secure environment and was able to complete the project upgrade on time and on budget while meeting the required payback terms.


“Electrical costs are lower. Staff appreciate that the light adjusts in the evening and gives you a feeling of day ending and time for bed. Lighting is 110% improved from what we had before.”

– Administrator Michelle Borreson

Project Solutions

We streamlined interior lighting by upgrading the facility to low-watt T8 lamps. We also helped the client streamline inventory, maintenance and replacement costs by achieving the right light levels while reducing the number of lamps per fixture and changing incandescents and CFLs to consistent LED lamps.

EPL also tackled a mid-project challenge that can cause stress and delays if you’re not working with the right lighting upgrade partner. The client originally selected Program Start Ballasts in the fixtures, but changed direction to Instant Start late in the project after supplies had been ordered. Thanks to EPL’s solid relationships with suppliers and our commitment to keeping the project running smoothly, we were able to return supplies and get new ballasts and swap those that had already been installed, and still meet the project deadline.

For the facility’s exterior perimeter fence, we replaced high-pressure sodium fixtures with LED fixtures on 35-foot poles. We were able to deliver sufficient light while reducing overall number of fixtures.

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