Maximize Savings With Energy Efficient Lighting by EPL

We specialize in high-performance, cost-saving lighting solutions for hospitals, factories, universities, offices, grocery stores, nursing homes, auto dealerships, public & private schools, warehouses and more. Regardless of the type of business you operate, Energy Performance Lighting understands your unique company needs and can develop an energy-efficient lighting upgrade or LED retrofit project that will help you shine bright for years to come. We’ve completed lighting upgrades and developed key partnerships across the Midwest, including in Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri and Texas.

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Save Money and Boost Energy Performance

We bring advanced lighting science out of the lab and into real-world projects for our clients. Boost production, reduce error rates, improve safety, employee satisfaction and attendance, all while achieving up to 80 percent energy savings!

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Solutions for Every Scope of Work

For most businesses, lighting makes up approximately 40 percent of their monthly electric bill. LED retrofits can save you thousands of dollars over time by reducing your lighting costs by as much as 80 percent. With state and federal rebate programs still supplying financial incentives combined with the falling cost of LED technology, now is the perfect time to upgrade.

Hospitals & Clinics

EPL has upgraded lighting in over four million square feet of healthcare spaces, driving energy savings up to 75%, freeing up millions of dollars for patient care. Our expertise in leading-edge technology helps healthcare clients thrive.

Factories & Warehouses

In manufacturing and warehouse environments, it’s critical to provide the right light level for every job to ensure a safe, accident-free environment. Energy-saving, compliant lighting solutions by EPL guarantee no detail goes unnoticed.


Human-centric lighting solutions by Energy Performance Lighting can improve motivation, support a positive workplace atmosphere, and boost employee morale and productivity while achieving maximum energy savings.

Schools & Universities

Proper lighting design in schools and campus exteriors provides lighting that improves safety and security for staff and students. Teachers can utilize dynamic lighting to stimulate calm or alertness in students as needed.


Store owners want to ensure a pleasant shopping experience from the parking lot to the register. Every department and section should guide shoppers, direct their attention to featured products, and provide a sense of quality.

Auto Dealerships

Lighting is a powerful tool for auto dealerships. Chrome pieces shine and paint pops under LEDs. Improved lighting helps create a safe, inviting shopping experience both outside on your lot and inside on the showroom floor.

Get THE BEST, not just the best in someone’s inventory.

EPL is brand neutral and committed to being on the leading edge of the latest advancements across the lighting industry. Get access to the full spectrum in “Good-Better-Best” options. Designer-Electrician collaboration ensures proposed solutions will perform as promised. Learn more about our process.

Installation On Time and On Budget

From assessment, to specific facility and budgetary requirements, to ensuring you get the most out of incentives and rebates, Energy Performance Lighting coordinates every phase of your project. The end result is a new lighting system that is installed on time and on budget. With EPL managing your lighting project, reaping the rewards is as simple as “flipping a switch.”

The Results Speak For Themselves

EPL has completed lighting upgrades across the Midwest for more than 16 years, consistently proving to be the best in the business. Our knowledge of lighting design, coupled with the application of state-of-the-art LED technology, can help reduce your energy consumption by as much as 70 percent. Your employees will be more productive, your customers will shop in comfort, and you will start to see immediate savings on your energy bill.

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Improve Your Operational Budget Today!

Start on the road to energy efficiency and a greater quality of life for clients and staff with lighting solutions by Energy Performance Lighting!

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Case Studies

Gundersen Health System – LaCrosse

  • Reduced kWh by 1.1 million hours
  • Annual energy savings of $105,185
  • Simple payback – 6.84 years
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Omro School District

  • Reduced kWh by 390,841 hours
  • Energy savings of $55,223 per year
  • Simple payback – 6.01 years
Read More

Piggy Wiggly of Cottage Grove

  • Reduced kWh nearly 100,000 hour
  • Energy savings of $8,413 per year
  • Simple payback <5 years
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On-Site Lighting Assessment

Request a lighting assessment and an EPL lighting professional will reach out to learn more about your lighting needs and answer your questions.

Our thorough, on-site lighting assessments include:

  • Complete facility lighting evaluation with room-by-room counts of existing lighting fixtures, light level readings and other detailed measurements
  • A lighting upgrade proposal based on the lighting needs for the work performed 
  • An Energy Savings Report
  • Available Financial Incentives/Rebates
  • Public and Private Financing Available

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