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We get lighting right for the occupant and unbeatable energy savings naturally falls into place.

Energy Performance Lighting Staff

How our lighting upgrades work

    Lighting upgrades designed for the task increases productivity and energy savings.
    We design based on best available technology from tier 1 manufacturers and are not tied to a brand.
    Get 100% of the energy savings and human performance promised with zero risk, hidden costs or surprises.

Our purpose is to design lighting upgrade solutions that help people thrive.

It’s not about counting light bulbs and swapping out old for new. We get out of bed every morning to find new and better ways of using the best lighting science, design and technology to reduce energy costs, and help people thrive as they live, work, learn and play. When your people perform at their best, so does your organization.

Energy performance lighting upgrades are all we do.

We focus on doing one thing and being the best. Within the realm of lighting upgrades, no one delivers more comprehensive service from start to finish. Our clients notice the difference at every stage, from initial assessment, teaching them about Good-Better-Best options, to flawless execution and an iron-clad guarantee that removes risk and surprises.

Given all that, you may think we’re way more expensive. In fact, we’re often more affordable than many of our competitors. Our focus isn’t on being the lowest bid, but on delivering the absolute best value, and being the absolute, undeniable best at one thing. 

Energy-saving lighting upgrade solutions for:

We’ve been the Midwest’s premier lighting upgrade solutions provider since 2003, guiding clients in healthcare, education, government and commercial sectors to performance that pays back. With our help, nursing home facilities, hospitals, K12 schools, universities, correctional institutions and corporations have reached new levels of energy savings, as well as health and human productivity that improves overall organization performance.

Deliver the best lighting upgrade solution. Period.

While others talk components and costs, we focus on designing the best solution for the best total outcomes. We put decades of proven experience to work for you to create a lighting system that saves you money, is easy to use and maintain and performs beyond your expectations.

Without the brand allegiances that are so common these days, we can explore the full range of technology the world has to offer and deliver options that will meet your unique needs. 

Focusing on the long game and competing on performance and overall value instead of vying to win the unit-based bidding war doesn’t win us every contract. That’s okay with us. And the fact that most of our clients have worked with us for a decade or more tells us it’s working for them, too.

Meet Some of Our Lighting Upgrade Experts

Rodney Heller
Founder & Managing Partner
Anthony DeMarte
Chief Operating Officer
Anthony Heller
Project Developer
Philip Spurley
Project Manager
Garrett DeBuhr
Master Electrician