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Why EPL is Your Best Energy Lighting Choice

Application of Technology Based on Science for the Most Energy Efficient Lighting

“What Energy Performance Lighting does better than anyone else is install quality products in an efficient manner with people who know what they’re doing, with no problems or surprises, and with the best overall outcomes. Low bids don’t work. You can’t put in cheap stuff and expect it to perform and last.” Tamara Sondgeroth, Midwest Lighting Institute

To deliver the best energy performance, we work for you, not the brands.

We’re not manufacturers. And we don’t represent brands. We’re loyal to you, our Client, not the inventory on some shelf. Our designers tap into the latest proven technologies across the industry to develop Good-Better-Best options to meet your needs and your budget.

Lighting is the only thing we do.

In a world crowded with jack-of-all-trades, we’re the master of one. When you focus the industry’s leading talent exclusively on providing the best commercial lighting solutions, that expertise and attention pay off in the best results for our clients.

We have the world’s most renowned scientists on speed dial.

No one else has a more robust resume of projects with lighting science partners, from Harvard Medical School and the University of Wisconsin to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Lab scientists look to us to apply cutting-edge technologies in real-world projects. Our clients reap the rewards of unbeatable energy savings while improving health and human performance.

Better lighting value

“Energy Performance Lighting doesn’t beat around the bush. We give you a fair bid to begin with and we won’t nickel and dime you along the way. Some do a low bid to begin with and then add change fees on the back end. We execute, and follow the numbers.” Anthony DeMarte, EPL COO

Small team = lower overhead.

Most lighting companies have large operations across many disciplines, one of which happens to be lighting. Our expert team is focused exclusively on lighting. And since we don’t manufacturer or represent brands, we don’t have cost tied up in inventory. We move quickly, efficiently and affordably toward the results you need to achieve. 

We deliver the greatest value, not the lowest bid.

When you understand how much we deliver at every stage of the process and how we take pride in educating you to make the best decisions for your organization, you may think it’s going to cost more. In fact, we’re usually less than our competitors. We’re focused on being the best value, not the lowest bid. When you factor in the most comprehensive options leading to the best outcomes, you’ll find the best value is EPL every time.

Risk-free Pricing Guarantee

No risks, no hassle and no surprises. Period. At Energy Performance Lighting, “change-order” is a four-letter word. Our Zero-Change-Order Guarantee™ ensures the only change you’ll ever see is one you ask for. Performance is guaranteed. If we don’t hit targets, we owe you the difference. Our guarantee, use of proven products, along with our dedicated team focused exclusively on lighting, give you peace of mind.

Better energy performance lighting results

“Relationships are key. If someone doesn’t trust you, nothing else matters. I appreciate that with EPL. In our fast-paced culture, it’s increasingly rare to trust that someone will do what they say they’ll do. EPL communicates and executes. They deliver.” Aaron Rittenhouse, Johnson Controls

Unbeatable energy savings

With leading expertise, access to and understanding of the best technology, Energy Performance Lighting continues to achieve 50-70% energy savings for our clients across healthcare, education, government and commercial sectors. 

Healthier, comfortable and more productive occupants

When lighting systems are designed properly, the outcome is comfortable, healthy, and alert occupants who thrive as they live, work, learn and play. When your people perform at their best, so does your business.

Lower operating costs

It’s not just your occupants who’ll thank you. CFOs, facilities managers and staff electricians love annual savings, lower maintenance and equipment costs with lighting that’s uniform and streamlined.