Interior energy savings


Interior ROI


Exterior energy savings

Additional Savings


  • kWh savings of 382,305 hrs./year
  • Energy savings of $27,606
  • Simple Payback – 10.69 years
  • CO2 emissions reduced nearly 850K lbs./year
  • SO2 emissions reduced 4,664 lbs./year
  • NOx emissions reduced 2,179 lbs./year


  • kWh savings of 153,083 hrs./yearli>
  • Energy savings of $11,054
  • Simple Payback – 17.09 years
  • ROI – 6%
  • CO2 emissions reduced by 339,233 lbs./year
  • SO2 emissions reduced by 1,868 lbs./year
  • NOx emissions reduced by 873 lbs./year

Project Challenges

McKinstry selected Energy Performance Lighting as the commercial lighting contractor for this project due to our extensive experience with large-scale projects, and our track record of proven results for correctional institutions, and other government clients. Energy Performance Lighting is familiar with the unique requirements of a facility where safety, security and adequate lighting are paramount. Our employees are used to undergoing intense background checks and extensive daily check-in and check-out procedures that are lengthy and thorough to solve and maintain any lighting issues.

Our task was to replace a wide range of outdated, inefficient fixtures with a more streamlined, more energy-efficient solution, and that’s exactly what we did.

Project Solutions

Energy Performance Lighting streamlined interior lighting by upgrading the facility to low-watt T8 lamps and replacing a range of fixtures—including various T8 fixtures with two, three, or four lamps—as well as incandescent and compact fluorescent (CFL) lamps. We selected specialized light fixtures with specific tamper-proof equipment to prevent inmate meddling or alterations.

EPL helped the client optimise inventory, maintenance, and product replacement costs by achieving the optimal light levels, while reducing the number of lamps per fixture, and swapping incandescents and CFLs to consistent LED bulbs.

For the facility’s exterior lighting, we replaced high-pressure sodium (HPS), metal halide, incandescent pole, flood, and wallpack fixtures with new LED light fixtures. To save on additonal costs, we utilized the existing canopy fixtures, and installed new LED bulbs where possible.

On this project, the EPL crew overcame a significant mid-project challenge for the client; while working on replacing an exterior light pole fixture, a neutral failed due to poor wiring of the previous system, blowing nine pole fixtures, and causing a major catastrophe for the correctional institution. As evidence of EPL’s unparalled service, and our committment to be the Midwest’s premier lighting retrofit company, our on-site team was able to rewire all nine pole fixtures, and had them fully-operational again prior to night fall the same day.