reduction in lighting energy


reduction in the types of lamps/ballasts used


reduction in air conditioning costs annually

“We have been very happy with the energy efficient lighting system that was installed by Energy Performance Lighting. The quality and color of light is extraordinary, so we had the same fixtures installed in our new Olympic size rink addition at our facility. We are very happy and would recommend Energy Performance Lighting to address your energy efficient lighting needs.”

– Don Chilson, Manager

Project Goals

  • More Lighting with Less Energy
  • Simple Payback of 4.4 Years

Project Challenges

Sam Houston State University is a campus that is in a different part of the country with several buildings throughout the entire campus that had lighting replaced. With several of the buildings needing to have lighting replaced, there many issues to work around such as previous construction work and optimizing the light for building usage. There was also a vast array of lighting fixtures that had to be converted over.

Project Solutions

To benefit Sam Houston State University and to meet the goal for being more energy efficent, we implemented LEDs for a majority of the new fixtures in the buildings to keep costs and energy costs down. In the librabry, there was a need for lights that could be specfically be tailored for being able to see books, but also have lighting that wouldn’t produce glare off of the computer screens. EPL designed and installed specialized lighting kits to solve the problem.

In the performing arts center, there were fixtures that did not work. We were able to design and add parts to existing fixtures to be able to dim and use less energy, yet still give off the needed light for the performing arts center.

In the end, we were able to stay on the projected timline, had the project go smoothly, and did not expereince any extra cost to the university. We did this by giving ourselves time before hand for projected problems and solution time while still achieving the goals of Sam Houston State University in a timely manner.