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Piggly Wiggly
nearly 100k
kWh savings/year
> 5 years
Simple Payback
Energy savings
Cottage Grove Piggly Wiggly Light Remodel
Cottage Grove Piggly Wiggly Light Remodel
Cottage Grove Piggly Wiggly Light Remodel
Additional Savings
  • Energy savings of $8,413 annually
  • 56% Return on Investment
  • CO2 emissions reduced 216,790 lbs. annually
  • SO2 emissions reduced 1,193 lbs. annually
  • NOx emissions reduced 557 lbs. annually

In the grocery business, margin pressure is constant and competition’s fierce. A successful grocery business must look for every opportunity to cut costs while delivering a great customer experience in order to achieve topline and bottomline goals. Piggly Wiggly needed experience and expertise to achieve its desired energy savings while maintaining the brightness and improving the aesthetic look of its stores. It aimed to find an effective lighting solution to replace its many 1x4 and 2x4 fixtures containing a combination of 2-6 T8 and T5 fluorescent lamps.


To keep the project to the client’s desired budget, EPL used existing fixtures and stayed with similar lamp counts in fixtures, but used 12-watt LED tubes and updated all ballasts. This helped the client get what they needed in terms of energy savings without breaking the bank.