Brian Liebel, Sam Berman, Robert Clear, Rita Lee, Marc Fountain

This study was designed to measure reading speed and accuracy under varying light levels, color temperatures, and fixture types.

Study Methods: This study consisted of having people read under two different light color temperatures, two different light fixtures, and three different light levels for a total of twelve different scenarios. The two different light color temperatures were 3000K and 6500K. The two different light fixture types were parabolic and indirect. The three different light levels were 65fc, 49.5fc, and 37.8fc.

Results: The results showed that the top three reading performance scores were as follows:

  • High light level, indirect fixture, and 6500K,
  • Medium light level, indirect light fixture, and 6500K,
  • High light level, indirect light fixture, and 3000K.

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