As the premier solutions provider in the Midwest since 2003, Energy Performance Lighting is setting the standard for deep retrofit lighting upgrades in schools and universities, factories, office buildings, health care facilities, correctional institutions, military and other government facilities.

We approach every project with a commitment to design excellence, quality workmanship, environmental awareness and energy savings. Our value-driven solutions optimize the balance between cost and efficiency to give you a greater ROI in less time. We will dramatically reduce your energy and maintenance costs while increasing user safety, productivity and comfort.


We have already upgraded over 3 million sq ft of health care for energy efficiency, reducing energy consumption by as much as 75%, literally freeing up millions dollars to be redirected to health care.

We are now funding peer reviewed research in an attempt to reduce the number of medical errors based on the color of the photon that hits the pupil. We know we can suppress melatonin and encourage cortisol production based on specific spectrums of light. It is not about color temperature, but rather the specific nanometer of light.

Our hypothesis is if we can increase alertness on all shifts, we will subsequently reduce the number of medical errors, the 3rd leading cause of mortality behind cancer and cardiac disease.

Senior Care

We have installed lighting to simulate the day and night cycle for residents who do not get the opportunity to go outside. We patterned this based on our experience and after studies funded by the DOE which demonstrated a reduced incidence rate of falls, lower anxiety rates, and lower need for meds.

We plan to begin 5 study sites with peer reviewed research in senior care facilities in 2017. The spectrums of light will be very specific and controlled to mimic the natural day/night cycle. We have partnered with Harvard Medical School and Midwest Lighting Institute for these studies.

A side benefit of this study is reducing energy consumption by 60-75%.


We know we can increase reading speed, comprehension, and cognitive thinking based on the color of the photon that hits the pupil. Numerous studies from Europe and in the USA have already documented this. We are applying this knowledge to the real world in classrooms starting in 2017 with Harvard Medical School as the primary Investigator.

If we can improve student performance by 10% while reducing energy consumption 60-70% everybody wins!

What We Do

Performance Contracts

We guarantee your utility savings and a project payback within the calculated time frame.

Customized Solutions

Our team identifies the opportunities within your space, then designs a solution for your needs.

Research & Education

We understand that there is more to lighting than just changing bulbs and saving energy.


EPL recognizes that our responsibility to the environment goes beyond the energy savings and greenhouse gas reduction we achieve with our lighting upgrades.

Pillars of Energy Efficient Lighting

Proper lighting begins with understanding the principles of Task, Technology and Controls.

Support Services

Our post-installation support helps our clients achieve and maintain their lighting upgrade goals.