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EPL is dedicated to providing our clients with the most energy efficient lighting system designed for optimum human health and performance. We will design and build a system for future technological growth that is cost effective today and in the future.

Our Services

Performance Contracts

We guarantee your utility savings and a project payback within the calculated time frame.

Research & Education

We understand that there is more to lighting than just changing bulbs and saving energy.

Customized Solutions

Our team identifies the opportunities within your space, then designs a solution for your needs.


EPL recognizes that our responsibility to the environment goes beyond the energy savings and greenhouse gas reduction we achieve with our lighting upgrades.

Let us show you the New Look of Efficiency for your commercial project.

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Recent Projects

Gundersen - Tweenten Care Center

Spring Grove, MN

Independence School District

Independence, WI

Whitehall School District

Whitehall, WI

Salem School District

Salem, WI