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Maximize Energy Savings

Lighting represents more than 40% of all electrical energy consumption in healthcare facilities according to the Department of Energy. Energy Performance Lighting has upgraded lighting in more than four million square feet of health care spaces, driving energy savings of as much as 75% and freeing up millions of dollars for patient care.

Our expertise in leading-edge technology helps healthcare clients thrive. Proper lighting in designated locations helps nightshift staffs stay alert while allowing patients to properly rest.

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Please note, EPL solutions are typically not a good match for facilities under 10,000 square feet.

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Benefits To Healthcare

Elevate Comfort

Relieve feelings of anxiousness in waiting, examination and patient rooms

Attract and retain top talent by alleviating stress, fatigue and other health risks

Prevent migraines, drowsiness and fatigue caused by glare and flicker

Reduce Costs

Reduce energy costs by 50% with LED lighting and up to 80% with paired lighting controls

Comply with energy legislation and fulfill organizational sustainability goals

Reinvest cost savings in improvements that further improve your facility

Enhance Experience

Accelerate patient recovery time and improve mood by simulating natural daylight

Increase alertness, concentration and the well-being of facility staff

Wireless lighting controls provide patients with a sense of composure

Lighting Installations

Gunderson clinic

Gundersen Health Systems Tweeten Care Center
Energy savings of $13,959 annually

Gunderson Health Systems of Lacrosse, Wisconsin

Gundersen Health System LaCrosse
Energy savings of $86,420 annually

New lighting for Oshkosh Correctional Institute

Dental Health Associates
Total Annual Savings: $11,628.83

Installation On Time and On Budget

From assessment, to lighting systems designed to fit specific facility and budgetary requirements, to ensuring you get the most out of incentives and rebates, Energy Performance Lighting coordinates every phase of your project. The end result is a new lighting system that is installed on time and on budget. With Energy Performance Lighting managing your lighting upgrade, reaping the rewards is as simple as “flipping a switch.”

Why EPL?

  • Research – Our light science partners from Harvard Medical School and University of Wisconsin collaborate with us to bring cutting-edge technologies to real-world projects.

  • Free Lighting Audit – Thorough on-site, room-to-room assessment of your current lighting system allows you to understand the cost of using legacy lighting technology and the potential savings that await by converting to LED beyond simple energy savings, such as rebate opportunities, tax benefits, and environmental impact. Schedule a free audit.

  • Proposal for Performance – Following your lighting evaluation, we will provide you with our straightforward “Proposal for Performance,” giving you a complete picture of the project’s scope of work, what you’ll spend, and your estimated energy and maintenance savings.

  • Team Installation / No Subcontractors – Energy Performance Lighting has provided lighting solutions to more than 500 businesses with our in-house Electricians and Master Electricians—not subcontractors—to handle installation. Our team is better, faster, quieter, more accurate and more efficient because all they know is lighting.

Get THE BEST, not just the best in someone’s inventory.

We’re brand neutral and committed to being on the leading edge of the latest advancements across the industry. Get access to the full spectrum in Good-Better-Best options. Designer-Electrician collaboration ensures proposed solutions will perform as promised. Learn more about our process.

The Results are Undeniable

EPL has completed lighting upgrades across the Midwest for more than 16 years, consistently proving to be the best in the business. Our knowledge of lighting design, coupled with the application of state-of-the-art LED technology, can help reduce your energy consumption by as much as 70 percent. Your employees will be more productive, your customers will shop in comfort, and you will start to see immediate savings on your energy bill.

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No Obligation Lighting Audit

Project manager estimating new lighting project

Learn how much you can save with energy-efficient, occupant-centric lighting upgrades. An EPL lighting expert will follow up shortly to learn more about your facility’s needs and determine if you’re eligible for a free in-depth estimate on what you can save with energy-efficient lighting upgrades from EPL.

Our no-obligation lighting audit includes:

  • Complete lighting survey of your facility
  • Proposed photometric lighting layout
  • Proposed fixture list and specs in “Good-Better-Best” format
  • An Energy Savings Report
  • ROI Calculation
  • Available Financial Incentives and Rebates

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Please note, EPL solutions are typically not a good match for facilities under 10,000 square feet.

A specialist from EPL will be in touch within one business day.

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