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Commercial lighting upgrades that deliver performance you can count on.

Whether you’re a property management company, retail, service, industrial or manufacturing organization, upgraded lighting typically gives you a 50-75% energy savings along with a safer, healthier, more productive work environment for your occupants.

  • Design the right lighting for the task performed
  • Ward off fatigue and eye strain during the workday
  • Use blue light’s alerting effect to help second- and third-shift employees perform better
  • Decrease time and money spent maintaining outdated lighting systems
  • Reduce your environmental footprint

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We know the right light saves money and boosts energy performance. Now we're shedding light on improving people performance.

Manufacturing & Industrial

Manufacturing and industrial organizations look nothing like they did 100 years ago. Yet many companies operate using lighting that hasn’t changed much in the last century. We bring you the most advanced commercial lighting upgrade technology and techniques to move your business light years ahead and save you energy dollars you’d rather use elsewhere.

Workers in manufacturing and industrial settings typically get inadequate daylight, causing fatigue, eye strain and an increased risk of accidents. Boost production, reduce error rates, improve safety, employee satisfaction and attendance, all while getting maximum energy and maintenance savings. We bring advanced lighting science out of the lab and into real-world projects for our clients.

Offices, Retail & Service Organizations

We’re all for Monday morning blues, as long as you’re referring to light. In our commercial lighting upgrades, we apply what researchers have proven, that participants exposed to blue light consistently report less sleepiness, quicker reaction times and fewer lapses of attention compared to traditional warm, more yellow light. And technologies like dynamic, tunable lighting and LIFI put control back in the hands of occupants and let you perform at your best for any task. When our clients significantly reduce energy costs while gaining better health and human performance, everybody wins.

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* Please note, EPL solutions are typically not a good match for facilities under 10,000 square feet.