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Upgrading the Lighting in Nursing Homes

Upgrading the Lighting in Nursing Homes

More people are living longer than ever before and with that, there is a bigger need for nursing homes, assisted living, and care centers for adults who aren’t able to live on their own anymore. With the growing need, there is also a rising cost for not only the patients, but also for adult care facilities as they need to expand the equipment and staff needed for patients. To cut costs for the necessary equipment and staff could be disastrous; however one big way to cut costs is through the replacement of old lighting.

Older lighting, more specifically, fluorescent bulbs, which give off a yellowish or orangish tint, when replaced with LEDs, which give off a blue light, can give you a reduction of 50% of energy costs. In the case of Gundersen Health – Tweeten Care Center, when they changed from fluorescent bulbs to the lighting installed by EPL they experienced a 63% reduction in energy costs and had the side benefits of:

  • Reduced number of falls
  • lowered medication needs
  • reduced the numbers of occurrences of sundowners syndrome

In the State of Wisconsin, 18.6% - 21.2% people in nursing homes fall once a year, according to statistics from the MDS, U.S. Census in 2015. From those falls 6.3% – 7.4 % of those falls have an injury that occurs.  For Medicare, one fall can be hundreds of thousands of dollars when there’s an injury. With Tweeten, the falls they cut down on saved them enough money to pay back for the lighting system, sooner.

Energy Performance Lighting has proudly worked with adult care facilities and other healthcare facilities before to improve lighting. Using leading technology and our experienced team of Lighting Experts, we have been able to create solutions to clients’ needs and save them money.

Check out the success story of Gundersen Health Tweeten Care Center for more details of how they saved money here: