With more than 80 years of combined energy efficient lighting design, electrical and project management experience, EPL is your full-service provider for custom lighting solutions.

When EPL enters your facilities, the first thing we want to know is what the tasks are performed in the space? As an example in a typical work environment, the task has changed, primarily to a computer or screen based task. You need to get the illumination right for comfort and productivity. If your eyes are straining due to glare, you are not as productive as you could be and you are more prone to errors. This is costly to the employee and the employer. Increased employee productivity far eclipses energy savings in value. Too often most companies just focus on energy savings.

We get lighting right not only on the horizontal plane but also on the vertical plane. If you get the illumination right, you get the contrast right; you get the contrast right and it is easier to see. There is no squinting and you do not have to take as many breaks to rest your eyes.

Our Process

We conduct our lighting energy assessments in accordance to the Illuminating Engineering Society's Guidelines for Upgrading Lighting Systems in Commercial & Institutional Spaces.  The information we collect then becomes the basis for our in-depth requirements analysis and design development.

Building on the design fundamentals of Task, Technology and Controls, our team of experts takes your lighting upgrade from concept to final proposal.  Our manufacturer and technology neutral solutions are also designed to the specifications of the Illuminating Engineering Society's Lighting Handbook, 10th Edition, which meet or exceed EPACT 2005 and ASHRAE90.1, 2010 requirements.

Our professional installation staff performs the lighting upgrades in accordance with your operational needs and goals identified during our assessment.  EPL project managers, site supervisors and installation teams comply with applicable safety and labor regulations and codes.

Using light level and amperage meters, we collect measurement and verification readings to ensure the effectiveness of our design and confirm the savings guaranteed by our design.  Our measurements are performed in designated locations on the lighting design, by a Certified Master Electrician, in accordance with guidelines established by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP LE-A-02).